About me

” I like to think I can be the person who will be part of your life for a moment
and that will be able to tell it with passion, attention and respect, to allow you to relive it with emotion.
I like to know that among the reasons why you chose me, as well as for photography,
there is the sincerity with which we speak, the confidence we could reach, the trust of a product made just for you “

Hi, I’m Sara! I am a Tuscan photographer based and living in Arezzo, but I move all over Italy.
I adore cats, I love good food, I’m inspired by music and films and I’m a dancer since I was 5 years old.

Photography for me is not just a job, but has always belonged to me from the first moment when, as a child, I took my first Polaroid in my hand.
It’s part of me.

A smile or a laugh, a tear or an hug, every pictures bornes only from natural and unstudied moments, without forcing and without requests.
What you feel is what I would like to put in every image.

I would love to be your Wedding photographer, let me know your story =)